Customized Painting Commissions

Commission your pet portrait now for the most extraordinary gift.
A charming acrylic portrait of your beloved pet will bring excitement to the room and joy to the heart.

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20X18    $1000 - $1400
36X24     $1500 - $1700
48X48     $1900 - $2400

Two Choices of Finishes

  • The Antiqued paintings look textural, very weathered and old world
  • Full Color is very vibrant and full of brightness and life

Three Choices of Detail

  • Light Detail Pet with few items such as a toy and background wash
  • Medium Detail Pet with a few more items such as fabrics, toys or china
  • Heavy Detail Pet with complex detail and design

Order Form

Lets Get Started

1. In a envelope, include photos of your favorite pet(s), include close-ups and full body shots. Also helpful are photos of wall colors, fabrics, china, rugs, picnic baskets, the pool, the ranch house, or anything that will help capture the individuality of your surroundings.


There were two photographs sent in order to create the commissioned painting. The client has a wonderful Australian Shepherd named Aussie; she asked to see Aussie sitting in their backyard on the green grass with the sailboats in the background.

Note: Whiteout had to be used on the photograph in order to see the subject better.

Completed Painting


Size 20X18
Price $1000

2. Include the measurements

3. Specify Antiqued or Full Color

4. A check for half of the price. ( Shipping and Taxes and added to the final payment.)

5. When you call to discuss their idea of a painting; please keep in mind that I will begin the creative process and will be anxiously awaiting for the photos. This means that you will need to promptly get your pictures together and priority mail them to me so the flow of imagination will not be interrupted by a delay.

Thank You

Process Example:

This is the process of a commissioned painting;you can see the changes from the time it's started to the time it's completed.

A very special surprise gift from a wife to her loving husband; Huey & Diana were commissioned to be sitting on the porch of their ranch house.

Completed Painting

Huey Lewis &
Diana Ross

Size 20X18
Price $1000


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take?

Six to eight weeks.

2. What about shipping?

Paintings are shipped in an architectural tube rolled up unless otherwise specified. This saves money on shipping. Once received take it to your local framer and have it stretched; the cost usually averages between $ 50.00 - $ 250.00. Your shipping cost will be added to the final payment.


Call Meg Davis and speak with the artist about the photos needed for your special portrait.

Meg Davis
P. O. Box 549
Johnson City, Texas 78636

Phone 210-393-9562

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