Letter From Meg

Painting in Potsquaro
for the Day of The Dead

At last I've reached you! The jacarandas are blooming purple blue leaves today! I've been traveling on the road from Puebla to Morelia, Patzcuaro to Mexico City, and from Veracruz to San Miguel. It's been one week here, one week there. Through dreamy lush and overpowering mountains to quiet, countryside farmlands, I've been making my way, finding so much inspiration in Mexico's laid back style of living. I've been painting on the scenes of rainforests, to orange orchards, where wildflowers are growing strongly, in gardens so green! Everything is so bright. It feels fresh and exciting. Can I say more? Well ....

Painting on the scene of
Little San Miguelito

Yes I can! It's the welcome of this time of year, that fills my heart, now. It's donkeys, with baby donkeys that look a lot like Eyore. It's the menu. It's taco stands and coffee shops. It's in the smile. It's cool shadowy mornings and clean sunshiny afternoons. It's stirring you cafe au lait with a spoon. It's life's winds blowing down curvy streets, full of turns! It's asking yourself, which road we are really taking? It's natural beet juice in the blender. It's in the question you ask other artists..."

What do you really think?" It's like having dyslexia in a place that seems to write all of their sentences backwards anyway. It's being willing, ready and able to paint on the scene, anywhere!. It's Spanish churches built on top of Aztec Pyramids. It's hearing the past, the future and the "now" in the bells that ring every hour of the day and night. It's firework bursts of color at night and soft singing of birds tweeting away in the tranquil mornings. It's having a dream and living it! It's largo distancia phone conversations but having everyone's spirit on the road with you. It's filling the canvas with color and light and the paint brush with every color in the rainbow.



On the scene with the washer women

Painting on cardboard boxes
Meg (left) with
childhood friend Amy (right)